Lesson Plan : Basketball for Par

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Fowler
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Intergrating two sports in to one fun game.
 Basketball for Par
  1. Each student will improve his/her level of physical fitness as well as his/her knowledge of shooting a basketball. 2. Each student will improve his/her self-image through positive reinforcement given by peers and the instructor. 3. Students will grow in their personal development. Each student will learn cooperation and teamwork when dealing with peers and will be taught to compete fairly and appropriately. In addition, students will be willing to recognize, accept, and appreciate individual differences within a diverse learning group. 4. Students will learn playing rules and strategies (with at least 70% accuracy) associated with physical activities presented in class. 5. Students will learn basic skills and movement patterns associated with physical activities presented in class. 6. Students will develop a sense of fair play and feel a sense of accomplishment when they do their best to achieve a goal.
 Psychomotor: 1. Each student will perform the basic warm-up exercises with 100% accuracy. 2. Each student will increase his or her level of fitness by running one lap on the track without stopping. Each student will participate in lead-up games and activities to prepare them to play basketball. Psychomotor and Cognitive: Each student will be able to correctly shoot a basketball as demonstrated by performance in drills.
 pencils/score card basketballs
 Before playing basketball golf, have students do warm-up exercises for about five minutes: jacks, toe touches, sit-ups, and push-ups. Have students line up on the track and instruct them to run one lap without stopping
 demonstrate for students, gHow to play : -Basketball golf is played like golf, using "pars" to keep score. In basketball golf, one station is set up on each half of a basketball court. Each station has nine positions to shoot from (you can use tape to label each position on the floor). Divide students into groups of four, with each group receiving a score card and a pencil. Beginning at the first position, each student shoots until he/she makes the shot or misses five shots. Another student in the group records the number of shots taken, no more than 5 (students should take turns recording the scores). After students have completed the first position, then they move on to position #2 and so on. After students have completed all nine positions, they may tally their scores to see who came closest to "par." Time permitting, students can switch stations and repeat the score keeping process.
 have students practice on their own before playing the actual game.
 for adaptive PE you could always use smaller goals (if available) or give them more chances to shoot, as well as a lighter ball.
Checking For Understanding:
 circulate gym and make sure students understand the game. Give help where needed.
 Ask students what they thought of the game and if they think they could play a game of golf with the proper scoring that was used in the game. Get students feedback (pros and cons)
 from what I saw did I think the game went smoothly or was it a dud.
Teacher Reflections:
 from the game I witnessed, did I see good valuable things being learned? Did the students have fun?

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