Lesson Plan : The Rules of Flag Football

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 Brigid O'Brien
 Grade 6
 PE and Health

 Flag Football
 Flag Football Positions and Rule Review
 The students will be able to try each position of: QB, center, wide receiver and linemen The students will be able to keep their own score The students will be able to throw complete passes to team-mates The students will be able to score a touchdown The students will be able to begin organized team game play
 The students will be able to throw complete passes to team-mates by setting themselves and having correct hand position on the ball The students will be able to score a touchdown by quarterback throwing a successful pass to WR who will run to the end zone The students will be able to work cooperatively in a group, showing positive teamwork and sportsmanship The students will be able to work cooperatively with/against the team they are playing in a positive sportsmanship way The students will be able to referee their own small games but knowing what is in, what is legal and playing fair.
 1 football per 2-3 students ~12 cones to mark field 1 flag per student (~15 red and 15 yellow)
 We are into the second week of playing and having run small games to help us learn the different positions of center, quarterback, lineman and wide receiver. We are going to run co-ed team flag football games that are going help us put the rules into action.
 A down is a the movement of the ball (normally) in yardage in which the offense has basically 4 tries to get the ball to midfield and cross it. We are going to try and do the same thing as the players in the NFL. To better suit yourself with the different positions, you are going to rotate to a different position. You cannot do the same one twice in a row.
 Students will warm-up throwing in 2-3 person groups. They will then switch to snapping to one another. Upon finishing, students who are wearing red will start with the ball at the 50 yard line and start a scrimmage game.
 The field is already going to be smaller than regulation size. The balls are colored and bigger than regulation size as well. This allows for students to see the ball better and catch it easier.
Checking For Understanding:
 How many down does each team get before midfield? Can we throw to the lineman? How can we get the ball from the Center to the QB better? Can the center and LM move to be ready to catch the ball incase the B can't make it to the WR?
 I am so very proud of the effort you all are giving in this unit so far. I think everyone is doing a great job and I like how everyone is rotating cooperatively and with enthusiasm. Gentlemen who are football, I appreciate your patience while everyone gets practice and even some additional practice, we are going to have some really great games to look forward to in our playoffs!
 Bring students in and point out great plays, defense and offense positions and positive signs of sportsmanship.
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