Lesson Plan : Doubles Table Tennis

Teacher Name:
 Jacob Wong
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 To teach students basic table tennis skills and to work as a team
 Teamwork and learning different paddle strokes.
 Students will be to practice their table tennis skills and to play as a team with the proper spacing between team members
 The students will recognize the spin on a receiving ball and learn the skills to control it. Students will also learn how to play as a team.
 •2 table tennis tables, pushed together •Paddles and balls For every 4 students
 Get the students to pair up and have them at one table per pair. Go over the basic rules of the game and demonstrate the proper way to hold the paddle.
 Ask for some volunteers who will help demonstrate how to play a game. Show the class how to serve and return the ball. Also show the students how to use their whole bodies while playing the game.
 Have each pair of students first practice between themselves. Each pair should be allowed time to practice serving and returning the ball to each other. When students have warmed up, get each pair of students to find another pair to play against.
Checking For Understanding:
 Before students begin playing doubles games, allow them to ask questions. While the students are playing their doubles games, watch each game to see how well each student progressing
 At the end of the class, ask the students if they enjoyed their game and if they think they had improved their skills
 Students liked playing in teams and helped each other
Teacher Reflections:

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