Lesson Plan : Frostbite Invitational round robin

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Bell
 Grade 11-12
 PE and Health

 Pickleball is a simple paddle game, playing over a special perforated slow-moving ball over a tennis type net, on a badminton-sized court.
 to get 95% of the students involved in the round robin tournament. 100% understanding the rules and clear with the directions.
 To be clear on the directions. To be clear on the structure of the round robin and to ensure that the time is addiquantly managed so that the number of people attending the ( approx. 24 ) are engaged for 75 minutes. And to have fun and to improve.
 Pickleball Paddles, Whiffel balls, nets, players
  Today we will be playing Pickleball. Pickleball is a simple paddle game, playing over a special perforated slow-moving ball over a tennis type net, on a badminton-sized court. We are going to do a round robin tournament.
 Bekha and I will demonstrate a Pickleball serve over the net to paul. The Serve: Players must keep one foot behind the back line when serving. The serve is made underhand. The paddle must pass below the waist. The serve is made diagonally cross court and must clear the non-volley zone. Only one serve attempt is allowed, except in the event of a let (the ball touches the net on the serve, and lands on the proper service court). Then, the serve may be taken over. At the start of each new game, the 1st serving team is allowed only one fault before giving up the ball to the opponents. Thereafter both members of each team will serve and fault before the ball is turned over to the opposing team. When the receiving team wins the serve, the player in the right hand court will always start play. The Volley: To volley a ball means to hit it in the air without first letting it bounce. All volleying must be done with the player's feet behind the non-volley zone line. Double Bounce Rule: Each team must play their first shot off the bounce. That is, the first receiving team must let the served ball bounce, and the serving team must let the return of serve bounce before playing it. After the two bounces have occurred, the ball can be either volleyed or played off the bounce. Faults: Hitting the ball out of bounds Not clearing the net Stepping into the non-volley zone and volleying the ball
 Before starting the round robin we're going to have a 10 minute practise session with a partner, just hitting over the net.
 You can either start from the toilette court and work your way up to the champoin court or vice versa.
Checking For Understanding:
 About 5 minutes before the end of our 75 minutes we will tally up the scores and announce the winner.
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