Lesson Plan : Power Volleyball

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Maki
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Basic Volleyball Passing Skills
 1. Bump or forehand passs 2. Set or overhead pass 3. Overhand Serve 4. Small games
 Students will gain a better understanding of Power Volleyball and the skills required. Rules of scoring and proper rotation for serve. Rally points out of bounds 3 hits to a side- alternating
 1. Bump Students will make contact with the volleyball using their forearms. Students will bend their knees so that they are lower than the level of contact. Students will swing their arms from the shoulders, not from the elbows. 2. Set or overhead pass. Students will be able to perform the set (overhead pass) with their hands in a triangle formation,the idex fingers and thumbs touching each other-Form a Cradle for the ball. 3. Serve-to use an overhand hit by contacting the ball with the heel of their hand.
 Volleyballs- at least one for every two players
 Dynamic warm-ups and static stretching.
 Lesson 1 What is power Volley ball? Individual drills or pairs. Demonstration of corret form: 1. bump 2. set 3. serve Small sided games Lesson 2 Individual drill, pairs or group. Small sided games. Lesson 3 Goup skills using bump and set. Review of serve. 6 v 6 games with overhand serve; rotation for serve is clockwise, rally points-games to 25 pts
 Drill 1. Students using correct form for the forearm pass will attempt to make 10 or more continous hits. Drill 2 Students will attempt to make 10 or more sets using proper technique. Drill 3A Serve- students will throw the ball over thee net to a partner in an overhand motion to simulate a serve Drill 3B Students will serve overhand stricking the ball with the heel of their hand in an overhand serving motion
 Using a larger ball/softer volleyball for individuals that need assistance. Shorter serving or playing distance.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher observation, Individuals assesment of goals set in class
 Review basic rules of Volleyball. Feedback about what we worked on.
 1.Teacher observation 2. Written test/quiz at the end of the unit. 3.Flow of activities: smooth transiton or choppy 4.Class management issues
Teacher Reflections:
 A round robin tournament will be held after skill development classes

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