Lesson Plan : California Kickball

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 John Panas
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Today we will warm up by walking and running around the gym. Then we will play a competitive game of California kickball.
 We will break up the class into two teams. The game is setup just like regular kickball game. At first base you have two Frisbee, two paddles and whiffle balls. At second base you have the basketballs and basketball hoop. At third base you will have the two jump ropes and at home you have a base or cone. Each student will participate by kicking ball, paddling whiffle balls, shooting baskets, and jumping rope. Automatic outs if kicked ball hits ceiling or is caught in air.
 Today lesson will work on students hand eye coordination, basketball shooting skills, and jump roping quickness. Increase heart rate by walking and running the gym. To help students with hand eye coordination, shooting ability, and coordination by jumping rope.
 The objective is to see who can paddle faster, shoot better and jump rope quicker. Which ever team can do this will win. Its an automatic out if you hit the ceiling or the defense catches it in air. California kickball is set up just like kickball except there is a task at each base for the students to complete before moving on. Defense must complete the task for outs and offense completes for points.
 Two Frisbees, Two ping pong paddles, two whiffle balls, two basketballs, basketball hoop, two jump ropes, and a base or cone.
 The students will kick a ball and run to first. The student who kicked the ball will begin paddling the whiffle ball 10 times. The defense has to through the ball to his teammate standing at first once the ball is caught he/she can begin paddling the whiffleball. Once the students have paddled ten times they must put the paddle and whiffle ball inside the frisbees and advance to next station. At the baskeball hoop they have to make a free throw. Once they do that they will jump rope ten times and then run home. If the defense gets home first its an out. If the offense gets home first its a point. The offense gets three outs.
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