Lesson Plan : Matball

Teacher Name:
 Anissa Little
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Physical Education/ Kicking Throwing Catching Dodging
 Goal 7: Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics, as they apply to the learning and performance of phusical activities.
 After completing this lesson, the students will: *Demonstrate kicking, throwing, catching,running, and dodging skills. *Demonstrate knowledge of the rules of matball.
 4 Cheerleading/Gymnastic Mats Playground Kickball
 Students will meet in the middle of the court and the teacher reviews the skills demonstrated and the rules of kickball from the previous lesson. Then the teacher introduces the game of Matball by sharing the skills that will be demonstrated, going over the rules, and making the correlation between kickball and matball, discussing the similarities and differences.
 Teacher will demonstrate the proper footing on the mat, emphasizing that one foot must remain on the mat or the student has to run to the next base. The teacher will go over how the rules of matball are different. Rules- Student may kick the ball forward, backward, or sideways. After reaching the firstbase mat, students can choose whether or not to run as long as one foot remains on the mat. There are only three ways to get out- by someone catching your kicked ball, if the ball is thrown and hits you below the waist when running. or if a student with the ball tags you. Each team is allowed four outs. Once you reach the home mat, you score a point for your team but you continue and play until either your team gets four outs or you get tagged or hit with the ball. The strategy is to get as many students on the mat as possible, and then run together. As a result, more points will be scored. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.
 Students are divided into two teams using the quick toe-to toe method and play a 15 minute game of kickball. There will be a water break after the 15 minute game of kickball.
 Students who have difficulty throwing at moving targets may tag the runner.
Checking For Understanding:
 After the waterbreak,students will meet teacher in the middle again and discuss the difference in the rules for matball.
 Students will meet in the middle and the students will answer the following questions: 1. What skills were demonstrated during the game of matball? 2. How do you score? 3. What three rules in matball are different from kickball?
 Evaluate the level of participation by each of the team members. Evaluate the intensity, strategy, and demonstration of skills by each team. Evaluate whether or not the teams were evenly divided according to skill level. Evaluate sportmanship of both teams.
Teacher Reflections:
 Use a different method of choosing teams to make sure that skill on both teams make the game fair.

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