Lesson Plan : Holiday Game

Teacher Name:
 Rachellé Carter-Crim
 PE and Health

 Thanksgiving activity for physical education grades K-2
 Physical education- locomotor skills, skipping, jump roping, jumping, walking
 The intent of this activity is to provide the basic concepts of self and general space while moving in a group with different effort while using locomotor skills.
 SOL Objective: To demonstrate critical elements used in the locomotor skills, like walking,running,hopping,jumping and landing, galloping and skipping. Rotate safely in small groups Explore body awareness through basic movement skills Demonstrate basic locomotors skills in games, with music, and in a variety of movements that lead to effective body management. Demonstrate balance and control on a variety of body parts.
 Thanksgiving cut outs, music, tape players, pencil, and score sheet.
 The students will be divided in groups of 4-5. The gym is full of different pictures of Thanksgiving "characters" which will be considered each station. At each station the "characters" will ask you to complete a gym exercise; for example Mr. Turkey will as the student to complete 10 high flying jumping jacks. After everyone in the group has completed the task, the team will earn points that the "character" say they have earned. Once all the teams are done a whistle will blow and the teams will rotate to the next station.
 I "teacher" will perform or have a volunteer perform each activity that is supposed to be performed at each station. Before this activity is started lesson should be done to prepare for this activity.
 I will monitor each team as they perform this activity. By doing this as a team activity the students should be able to encourage each others.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will be doing a hand out with pictures of each activity. The students should be able to explain what each activity represents. I will also be checking for understanding throughout this Holiday activity.
 At the end of the activity I will have the students tally up their teams score (all groups will be successful). Each student will receive some type of reward.
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