Lesson Plan : Volleyball and Modified Volleyball

Teacher Name:
 Ramon Rivera
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Volley Ball, Serving, Set.
 Volleyball, and Modified Volleyball
 The goal of this topic is to introduce the game of Volleyball to all students. Even students with disabilties will be able to participate with some modifications so all students are included in the lesson. By the end of the Unit Students will be able to participate in a modified version of Volleyball.
  Ojectives for this lesson is learn physcomotor skills, such as passing and setting and serving. Also the affective domain as such players will rely on other players to be successful. Students will also be aware of all rules of the game both the regular version and the modified version.
 4 volleyballs, Net.
 Teacher will introduce the game and the playing field. Teacher will ask questions if students have prior knowledge in the sport. Instrutor will also introduce certain modifications to the game in order to be inclusive with all students in the class.
 Instructor will demostrate to students proper technique in serving, Also in setting. Instructor will also explain and demostrate what rules will be modified, Will aso provide one and one instructions in order to acomplish the stated goal.
 Students will pair up and practice the underhand serve and try to hit it over the net. The net will be lowered in order for students to obtain the success in such task. As well for students in Wheelchairs can also be successful. Also the serving line will be modified in order to include all students.
 Accommadations wll be made in the length of the Volleyball court, The total dimension of the court will be reduced to the dimension of a badminton court for serves. Also People in wheelchairs will be able to catch the ball and then set. Rules will be explain in order to accomadate all individuals in class.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be asked questions in order to see if they understand concepts and rules of the game. Students will be asked to demostrate certain skills in order to access techniques in skills. Instructor will give cues and feedback in order for students
 Instructor will reitterate rules of Volleyball and demostrate techniques. Instrutor will also give answer questions posed by students.
 Instructor will evaluate students by observing simulated game performed at the end of the Unit. Also Instrutor will evaluate student with disabilities also by observing a modified game at the end of the Unit.
Teacher Reflections:
 Ask questions to myself on how I could have made the daily lesson better, And make adjustments to my daily lesson plan to make sure i am working to my overall goal.

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