Lesson Plan : Adapted Baseball Skills

Teacher Name:
 Vasilis Ikonomidis
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Baseball Skills
 Throwing, Catching, Hitting, and Rules of the Game
 Students will understand the basic concept and rules of the game. Also the basic strategies, fundamentals, and basic skills of playing the game
 Students will be able to perform each of the skills being taught when playing the sport of baseball at a beginner level
 wiffel bat, wooden bat, wiffel ball, tennis ball, baseball, gloves, helmets, masks, and bases
 Throwing and catching the ball
 Demostrating how to throw and catch the ball correctly, and also at the same time verbally explaining what I am doing as i am performing the skill. For example, to achieve how to throw a ball with accuracy, and learning how to catch the ball
 Have each student have a partner, and have them set up at a close distance from one another. Have them each start throwing the ball back and forth to one another. As you are monitoring their progress, have the students keep moving further and further away from each other, while performing this same skill. This will also help you evaluate each students skill level
 For students with disabilities in the class, you can accommodate certain aspects of the game to help them excel. You can start out by using a bigger ball, like a softball, or a softer ball like a tennis ball, and then keep changing balls until they feel comfortable with a baseball. Also, you can use a bat with a big barrel, that way the student will have an easier time hitting the ball, and that way can gradually adjust to using the regulation size bat. In a simulated game, you can shorten up the length of the bases, allow balls to be caught on one bounce for an out, shorten up distances for a homerun, you can also eliminate striking out, so that no student gets embarrassed or depressed.
Checking For Understanding:
 While watching all the students perform the individual skills, you can assess each of the skill levels, their strengths and weaknesses, and by this you can help them in their troubled areas
 Play the game of baseball, break students up into teams, and have them play a practice game, where one team plays the field, and the other team hits, but there are no outs, each student gets a chance to hit, and then you rotate sides
 After evaulated the students progress while playing a practice game of hitting, and fielding, then have them play baseball. Break students up into teams, and play a real game against each other, using everything they have learned and have a fun time with it
Teacher Reflections:

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