Lesson Plan : Simple Football

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Matthew D. Bryan
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 How to play flag football
 Flag Football rules, boundaries, full participation, throw, pass, and plays, defend, and offense.
 To make a team within my class divided equally 6 on 6 flag football full participation. The main goal was that everyone at least touch the ball or be involved in every 4 downs, so all could feel involved and successful. Both teams had to use all 6 players to score at least two touch downs.
 For all players to know the rules and participate in a game of 6 on 6 flag football with 100% participation. Both teams must use each player to help move the ball up the field to recieve a first down 100% of the time. Both teams had to use all players to score at least two touch downs with 100% accuracy.
 A small portion of the football field, a football, belts with 2 flags.
 I brought my kids out to the football field that was already painted because it was football season. I explained how to use and wear the belts and explained how to get a first down (two completions running or throw with all players involved). I also explained how to stop the offense team from scoring which was to grab both flags off the person with the ball. The goal line to the 30 yard line was the endzones. I brought the orange markers in to narrow the field as well.
 I demonstrated a few skills, drew up a few simple runnning and pass plays and divided them up until what I thought would make it very equal teams.
 During practice I let both teams play a few downs each on offense and defense with myself right their in the middle to guide things along. My major theme was knowledge of performance. Not the just each result but I wanted them to complete the game.
 I went to the football field when no one else was out there to isolate us in this situation for complete concentration and to actually have the entire class do physical activity together and have success. I also had to stand in the middle of every play and run with them restarting them when something didnt follow the rules. I shorten the football field and narrowed it in length so we all could be in a confined space. I picked the teams to make sure they were as even as they could be of those 12 students.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of the game I asked if anyone had any questions and we talked some things out that would make the game go faster because they all enjoyed it and I told them we would play it again. And what I saw was knowledge of performance did really well for the most part and it being the first time we played as a class.
 Again I reviewed any things that would speed up the game, and gave the class praise for playing so well, and ask if they had any questions. One question was "why is a completion just a few steps past where the ball was spotted?" I gave them full understanding to why and so next time they would know how to play the game with better technique and quicker.
 Knowledge of performance went very well, Both team scored two touchdowns in the time I had allowed for the game, and all did participate and have some success. All students wanted to play again!!!
Teacher Reflections:
 Very good activity to play because my students do not get included as often in physical education class so this was a physical education assignment just for there pleasure and success. Out of all the things I asked they choose flag football. They all got to participate becuase of how I layed the game out, and made the rules, and it was played safe, and fair, and all students had some succes and fun, with the question being "When can we do that again Mr. Bryan?"!!

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