Lesson Plan : Memory Ball

Teacher Name:
 Janet Somers
 Grade 4
 PE and Health

 Fundamental Movement Skills
 Manipulation and Stability "Breaking the Ice"
 Students will be engaging in tasks of manipulation and stability which involves giving and receiving force from objects (throwing and catching) while the body remains in place. This engagement will develop fine and gross motor skills, encourage enhanced hand-eye coordination, and employ student's listening and memory skills.
 Students will develop skills related to the four principles of movement: 1) body awareness; what part of the body moves (arm(s)) 2) space awareness; where the body moves (direction of throwing arm(s)) 3) effort; how the body moves (speed and force of throw) 4) relationship; with what the body moves (arm(s) and ball connection)
 Several (5+) throwable objects such as tennis ball size balls or beanbags
 Warm Up Stretches Students will outstretch their arms to establish a bubble of personal space within the gym where they can move freely. Teacher lead stretches will commence to get blood flowing to major muscle groups and prevent muscle strain or injury.
 Memory Ball To facilitate instructional purposes and a modeling demonstration students will be asked to form a closed circle, with which the teacher is also integrated.
 One student starts by tossing a ball to another student while saying that student's name. The other student catches the ball and says "thank you" along with the other student's name. The game continues like this with the ball being tossed to every student once. When the ball gets back to the student who started the toss the game will start over, however, this time additional balls will be periodically added. This means that in order to keep up with the game students will now be required to pay careful attention and recall who they are throwing to and who is going to be throwing to them.
 Since at grade 4 students are expected to be able to manipulate a ball while stationary and throwing it using a one-hand overhand motion to a partner this game would be appropriate, however, depending on the class size, if students are struggling with throwing the ball across such a large area then smaller circle groups can be formed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be evaluated on their ability to process multiple sensory stimuli at once in terms of working with their memory while actively participating in the activity. They will also be evaluated on their ability to use their body effectively by remaining largely stationary and only moving their arms vertically and horizontally while throwing and catching and their body awareness in terms of the strength and force needed to throw the ball across the circle.
Teacher Reflections:

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