Lesson Plan : Ultimate Frisbee

Teacher Name:
 Robin Long
 Grade 11-12
 PE and Health

 Ultimate Frisbee
 Passing skills Catching skills Defensive skills Improve cardiovascular endurance
 Goal 7: Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.
 7.02: Demonstrate competence in basic offensive and defensive strategies or tactics in traditional and non-traditional team, individual, and dual activities.
 jerseys - or identification bands one frisbee per game
 The game of ultimate frisbee will be played on a regular gym floor using your basketball out of bounds lines on the end as your touchdown line. You can either use your bleachers on the side or designate an out of bounds line. If you use the bleachers allow play off of bleachers, walls and backboards. Teams will consist of 6 to 8 players depending on class size. The goal is for one team to get the frisbee past the goal line in order to score.Each team will play for 10 minutes - this will encourage them to be more aggressive with their hustle. Decide which team will throw off to the other team. A team continues to keep possession as long as they don't drop the frisbee or throw an interception. Once a team scores the other team immediately picks up and plays from that point. You are allowed to only take one step forward when you catch the frisbee. You are allowed to move from side to side and backwards when you have the frisbee. If you do not have the frisbee you are free to move anywhere. When you are on defense you are allowed to make interceptions but you can not touch the person who has the frisbee or the frisbee while they have it.
 Students will observe proper demonstration of throwing a frisbee and catching a frisbee. They will also observe proper movement.
 Students will practice proper throwing and catching in groups of 4. They will practice both short and long distance.
 Students in wheel chair will not have any problem playing this game - especially since we play on the gym floor
Checking For Understanding:
 This will be determined by the pace of the game. If they play continuous and make a lot of passes and catch the frisbee then that tells you that the skill is a success and that alone will be great feedback because it will make them competitive and good at the game.
 After all teams have played - continuing with the winners returning to play pull class in and see if they have any questions or how they liked the game.
 If they really picked the skills up and enjoyed the game you will be able to tell based on the pace of the game. They will let you know they want to play again.
Teacher Reflections:

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