Lesson Plan : Flag Football 6 on 6

Teacher Name:
 Jon Gaston
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 6 on 6 Flag Football
 Understand how to throw the football correctly, catch, run, block, positions, strategies, sack, touchdown, center, hike, interception, wide receiver, quarterback, rush, blitz, hand off and downs. National Standards: 7.0 7th grade- Appreciates the aesthetic features or stylistic differences in one's own approach to movement activities. 8th grade- Appreciates the aesthetic features or stylistic differences in someone else's approach to movement activities.
 Students will learn the skills to play a proper game of flag football while demonstrating sportsmanship and teamwork.
 Students will practice passes and catching. They will learn how to hold the ball properly when throwing and running. They will learn how to play a proper game of flag football.
 12 footballs, 24 flags, 12 jerseys, 28 cones, 2 separate fields.
 Explain what the goals are and how they will achieve them. Go over boundaries, rules and safety.
 There are 4 teams of 6 and everyone will have flags while 2 teams will have jerseys. The field is marked with lines and cones of 40 yards. 6 offense vs. 6 defense. The object is to score the most touchdowns, which is worth 6 points (no extra field goal points). To start off the game and after every touchdown scored they will start out on their 10 yard line and have to get the first down, the 20 yard line, in 4 tries. If they fail they turn the ball over where they are at. If the team succeeds at getting to the next 10 yards they get start over on downs. There must be a center who hikes the ball to the quarterback. The teams can decide on whether or not they want blockers, wide receivers, running backs and how many. They will huddle up and design a play that they want to run and try to execute the play. The way to blockers work is they must have their hands behind their backs at all times when blocking. They can only use their bodies. The defense can have guys who rush and try to sack the quarterback after they count to 5 Alligator out loud. The quarterback may run, pass, or hand off the ball in order to get the next down and score. Throughout the explanation I would have students come and demonstrate what positions do what and have them show everyone like a mock trial run at it. The object for the defense is to stop the offense by grabbing the person with the ball's flag while they try to score. Also throughout I would check for understand, for example if I just said the defense has to wait and count to 5 Alligator before they can rush I would ask, alright now how long does the defense have to wait before they can rush? And I would just check for understanding throughout and after the explanation/demonstration.
 I will have them come in and grab a partner. I would give each pair 1 football and have them start passing it around. Then I would teach them how to throw it properly with the laces and catch it properly with their hands. Then they would go back out their and practice. I would bring them in again and teach them how to hike the ball and hold the ball run with it. So I would have them practice hiking the ball to one another and catching, holding and running with it properly. All off this would be the practice for the game and it would take about 10 minutes.
 I would emphasize how to be safe by reminding them of the rules: no tackling, no pushing and no rough housing. Play fair and have fun.
Checking For Understanding:
 throughout the game I would ask how each team is doing and how they got their. I would also check to see if they know the safety rules. And as I said before I would check throughout the demonstration to see if they understand what is going on.
 After the games have been played I would ask them what have they learned. How they played. What are the safety rules again. How much teamwork was actually going on. What kind of sportsmanship were there. How do I throw and catch a football? What can we do better next time to score more or stop the offense more?
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