Lesson Plan : Volleybomb

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 Jon Gaston
 Grade 6
 PE and Health

 Volleyball serving
 Underhand serve (open hand, closed fist), overhand serve (open hand, closed fist), jump serve (for the daring), ace, line fault
 Students will learn how to serve at least one of the ways, if not all, successfully. Students will learn to be accurate and learn how to get an ace
 Students will serve the volleyball correctly without a line fault and get it over the net to their desired target.
 Volleyball court, net, 20 cones, 2 hockey goal nets, lots of volleyballs
 Introduce the game. Establish boundaries and rules. First one to 10 or scores a goal wins.
 Everyone is behind the service line and ready to serve. There are 10 cones randomly spread out on each side while a hockey goal is at the end of each court. Servers must serve successfully without a line default and try to knock over the other teams cones or get the ball in the goal. The first team to knock over all 10 cones, wins. But, if you serve and get it into the goal, your team wins no matter what the score is. There is one goalie on each side that cannot stop the ball with their hands. Nobody can try and stop the other teams balls that have been served from hitting your cones. You want to serve it over the net, because if you serve the ball and it goes in the net, it may role back and knock your own cones over, resulting in losing a cone.
 Have everyone line up behind the line and practice all of the types of serves (or ones they can perform) for a duration of 5 minutes
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