Lesson Plan : Parachute Activities

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 Grade 1
 PE and Health

 Parachute Activities
 Today we will: Warm up with exercises. Discuss and demonstrate proper handling of a parachute. TLW develop listening skills and the ability to follow instructions in sequence during a activity.
 TLW develop movement control for safe participation in activities. TLW demonstrate movement control to purposely move in different ways in a large group without bumping into others and/or falling down.(
 TLW use concepts of space awareness and movement controls to use locomotor movements in different ways in a large group without bumping into others or falling. (2 12.02 TLW follow rules during a variety of physical activities. (3 TLW apply safety rules while using equipment.
 4 cones(boundaries), music 30’ parachute, 20 bean bags Foam balls
 Teacher will explain and demonstrate how to handle parachute. Explain tossing and catching skills and how these will be applied to the parachute activities
 Rules to participating in parachute activities: Parachute Introduction. We will use overhand grip for most of our activities. Palms down for handling chute There will be 1 large parachute for “Chute Shapes. The activity starts with students using overhand grip and we will “Shake, Rattle, and Roll to become familiar with using the chute. Students will be given directions raise parachute above their head and lower the parachute when told to do so. When students hear “down” they will slowly pull the chute down to the floor in front of them to create a Low Dome.
 Students play the game following the rules and demonstrating proper parachute handling skills
 Teacher continues to modify for special needs
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher directed questions to students at the end of game
 Were there other dynamics going on at the same time? Who can demonstrate a good throw and catch
 Children had fun
Teacher Reflections:

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