Lesson Plan : Two-Hand Touch Football (GYM)

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Headley
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Team Sport/ Football
 (Review )To underdstand how to throw the football correctly, catch, run, positions, strategies, touchdown, center, hike, interception, wide receiver, quarterback, rush, hand off and downs.
 Students will learn the correct skills needed to play football. Students will learn how to work together to accomplish a goal, while using sportmanship.
 Students will practice passes and catching. Students will motivate each other when teamates fail to accomplish a task, leading to better team moral, higher self-esteem and self-confidence in each teammate.
  (2) footballs and basketball court
 Catching and Advance Wide Receiver Routes: How to catch a football,understanding the wide receiver route and the strategies to getting open.
 Warm-up: Strecthing, High Knees, Caricoa, Sprint & DB run Middle: Reviewing the previous routes (Down & Out, Down & In, Curl, Comeback, Slant, Fly and Smash) End: Explaining the steps to getting open. (Stutter step, Stop and Go, and Jab Fake)
 I'll seperate the group into two groups. Each group will have a football. Each team member will take turns throwing the football, catching and playing defense. I'll be looking for correct technique during the route. Activity Time: 5- 7mins
 Students who have ashama will be used to referee. Student will gain a greater appreciation of the game by being knowledgeable of the rules. Other students will look to them for advice.
Checking For Understanding:
 During the game, I will ask the quaterbacks to have students to run a particular route and see if he/or she runs the route correctly.
 While line-up, i'll ask the students about specific plays and what technique they used to get open. Also, did their team work together and showed good sportmanship.
Teacher Reflections:

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