Lesson Plan : Sideline Soccer

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Riechers
 Grade 6
 PE and Health

 Sideline Soccer
 Students will learn the basics of soccer by beginning with sideline soccer. Sideline soccer also allows more student involvement.
 Students will follow soccer rules. Students will utilize various soccer skills: dribbling, passing, shooting, and defensive play.
 Four cones, one soccer ball
 Form two teams of equal number. Half of each team lines up along the sideline and the other half scatterson one side of the playing area. One person takes position as goalie. No other players are allowed within a ten foot area of the goal.
 The game objective is for the actice players, aided by their sideline teammates, to score by kicking the ball between their opponent's two cones.
 Play is started by placing the ball between tow opposing players and blowing the whistle. Active members try to move the ball towards their goal and sore. Sideline players have to stay behind the sideline, but can pass the ball to active members. Active members and sideline players switch after a goal is scored.
 Players can switch after two minutes of play if no goal has been scored. You can designate right and left wing players, and a center. Once in this position, players can not leave their zone (which runs the length of the field). This helps students stay spread out and not gather around the ball all at once.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask questions regarding rules and regulations.
 Are students participating? Are students using appropriate skills? Have students developed appropriate skills? Are students following the rules? Are students having fun?
Teacher Reflections:

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