Lesson Plan : Hot Shot Basketball

Teacher Name:
 Professor P. Lanier
 Grade 4
 PE and Health

 Hot Shot Basketball with a Partner.
 This game involves the use of teammwork and basketball skills. The team with the best of both will win this game/competition.
 Have the most points before the time runs out and make sure that the 2 best teams square off in the end.
 Objective of this game is to have 2 teammates per half court (basketball court), have one teammate rebound and pass to the other player who is shooting to make baskets from inside of hula hoops designated in different spots on the floor. 2 of the highest scoring teams, square off in the end to decide the winner.
 3 hula hoops per half court, 1 basketball per half court, spot watch (60 seconds), and 2 participants per team.
 Have students recognize the importance of teamwork. Split the class into 2 players per team. Designate each team to a different half court. Make sure hula hoops (3) are spread out from any spots on the floor.
 Demonstrate the importance of having the rebounder make good passes to the shooter. Be able to move quickly from one hula hoop to the other. Must get as many points as possible before the time runs out. Then when the time is up, the players switch positions before a new team can play on the court. Shooting from each hula hoop gives u a different point because of the range of shot.
 1 hula hoop under the rim for 1 Point. 1 hula hoop 15 feet away from the rim for 2 points. and 1 hula hoop 2 feet behind the 3 point line for 5 points.
 Have and assistant or a student helper at each side of the court taking track of time and points required for this activity.
Checking For Understanding:
 Take score from each team. Explain the importance of hardwork and teamwork involved in winning at this game/sport. Explain which skills are necessary to acheive success at this competitive game. Must understand as a teacher/instructor to see the class involment and interest towards the game and also with good behavior and sportsmanship.
 To wrap the game up, have the 2 highest scoring teams face off each other and have the class root for the team they want to win. This also puts pressure on the players for victory and at the same have their peers cheer for them. Winning team should get a prize. In the end speak and discuss with the class the importance of teamwork and have the students realize the importance of sportsmanship at the same time. Compete to have fun.
 After evaulating the talent in this competitive activity. You can see which teams have the best players. Makeing sure the team are equal is very important too. If kids behave and love this activity, involve it in a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
Teacher Reflections:
 During this whole lesson the students were very involved in the competition. Whether it's playing or rooting for their favorite team. In this reflection I believe that the students must have a good relationship/friendship with their peers. In the game of basketball, skills are very important and also the effort involved in the game if a player doesnt have the required skills. With this activity, students can use this outside the classroom at parks or in recreation competitions. You do notice improvement in the students at this sport because of the repetitive activity. This game I recommend to other teachers because the fun and competition level involved for the students to recognize.

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