Early Elementary Arts and Humanities Lesson Plans

  • The Body Picture - This art activity has students working in teams of three to measure and cut paper, yarn, or ribbon into different lengths.
  • Creating Tearing Pictures - This lesson is a good one to use in the beginning of the year when students are still learning how to use scissors.
  • Painting with Bubble Wrap and other great objects - This is an introductory lesson into texture. Students are able to paint a variety of objects and transfer the pattern to a piece of paper.
  • Aboriginal Art - To discover the differences. Accept and understand the differences. Through art learn the cultures.
  • Art Center - Student will match the farm animal with thier baby.
  • Autumn Finger-Painting Tree - The children will perform given tasks with the use of the paint I supply them with.
  • Color My Appetite - The children will be familiarized with Primary Colors (red, blue and yellow) and Secondary Colors (violet, green and orange).
  • Coloring My Name - Color Identification and control of crayon.
  • Color and Stamping - The aim of this plan is to help the learner with color recognition.
  • Cookie Jar - To practice using crayons and coloring skills To practice gluing skills.
  • Crown Making - This lesson is to help students learn about using geometric shapes, overlapping, repetition, and paper sculpture.
  • Gustav Klimt in Camouflage - To make a painting of a person using warm or cool colors, pattern and organization of those patterns to create a Klimt like image.
  • Easter Egg Fun! - Making Colorful, pastel, easter eggs to decorate the classroom with.
  • Filter of Flowers - To use art materials and tools to develop basic processes and motor skills, in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Learning about leaves - Learning about leaves and making crafts.
  • Learning To Color In First Grade - In this lesson students explore how color contribute to their community by creating color wheels of primary and secondary colors to identify their community.
  • Make a Ladybug - The student will be able to use fine motor skills to make a ladybug. The student will be able to retell the story.
  • Mexican Poncho's - For each child to paint a paper poncho cut out one for their costume for the "Mexican Hat Dance" and a mini poncho for their special soft toy.
  • Mother's Day Card - Sequencing and following multi-step directions.
  • Illustrating Max - Students will see how to illustrate a character thru close observation and paper folds that act like a grid.
  • Printmaker - Making copies as an art form.
  • Tic Tac Toe GAME - This lesson plan is a game that helps to reinforce and encourage positive reinforcement among peers.
  • Shape Collage - The student will be able to create a collage using paper, at least three different sizes of the same shape, and a variety of colors of paint.
  • Silhouette Drawings - The students will have an opportunity to look at the shape of the head and practice outlining it.
  • Winter Triptych - Students will understand that multiple pieces of art can be brought together to form one big piece of art.

Other Early Elementary Arts and Humanities Lesson Plans That We Like

  1. Sing and Show Patterns