Lesson Plan : Easter Egg Fun!

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Freeman
 Grade 2
 Arts and Crafts

 -Making Colorful, pastel, easter eggs to decorate the classroom with.
 -Differentiation of pastel colors to other colors. -Understanding how to mix colors together to make new ones. -Paint -Easter -Laminate -Cut
 -Introduce pastel/easter colors. - Have the students mix colors, and understand that mixing specific colors works, and some mixtures don't. - To make fun and colorful decorations for the classroom, and for the students home.
 -Students should be able to differentiate what is a pastel color and what isn't. -Students should be able to mix colors, to make new ones. - Students should be able to make their easter egg in fun, with responsibility.
 -tempera Paint -Styrofoam plates -Plastic wrap -paper -yarn
 -First pre cut enough paper in the shape of eggs for the students. Several for each student. - Pre mix some colors of tempera paint. Mix white with purple, yellow, and red to create Easter colors. - Let the studnets pour the colors they want to use onto their plate. They need to select at least two colors. - Cover the plate with plastic wrap and allow the students to mix the colors with their finger on the outside of the plastic.Don't mix the colors completely. They want to just swirl it or move them around. -Remove the plastic wrap. Have the student place their eggs in the paint one paper at a time until their paper is gone. -When they dry you can laminate them, punch a hole and hang them. -If the eggs are cut perfectly you can put one on one side and glue them together then laminate them
 -Have a pre made Easter egg made up so that the students can see what their end result should look like. -Go through the process of making an egg with the students.
 -Have the students make extra for their families. - Give the students extra time to explore mixing colors.
Checking For Understanding:
 -Can the students tell me what colors are pastels? -Have the students practice mixing pastel paint colors and make paintings at home to bring in for show.
 -Laminate the extra eggs that the students made to bring home to their families. -Hang the eggs the students made for the classroom all around the room.
Teacher Reflections:

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