Lesson Plan : Gustav Klimt in Camouflage

Teacher Name:
 Ms. St. Marie
 Grade 2
 Arts and Crafts

 Gustav Klimt used patterns of shape and color in his paintings.
  Gustav Klimt Warm and Cool colors Pattern Repeat symbols
 to make a painting of a person using warm or cool colors, pattern and organization of those patterns to create a Klimt like image.
 Students will be able to identify Gustav Klimt as the painter of the "Portrait of Adel" apply the principle of pattern to a portrait use either a warm, or cool color palette as the dominant color scheme
 Posters of "Portrait of Adel" markers crayons paint paper scissors glue
 what are some animals that you can think of that are able to camouflage themselves with their environment? There is a painter who does this with this portraitof "ADEL" painting.
 How does he make her dress blend with the background? Colors? Shapes? Gather students to demo table, background pattern, make grid with pencil, draw in each box create a person to match background pattern have them 'popped out' from the surface by cutting the paper 2 times in the center and pulling the paper foward glue paper cut out person to the chair made by the cut paper
 give students background paper, 8x8" pencil begin background grid markers, draw a repeated set of lines or symbols, may borrow from Klimt poster seperate paper 3x6" draw person with matching pattern to background fold and cut paper on the fold to create a platform for the figure glue figure to seat complete
 assist or make an example for everyone as they draw with me, walk around and assist as needed pre-draw figure for those who have much dificulty
Checking For Understanding:
 walk around the room to observe progress product of student work
 Did you complete all of the steps of the project? what was the goal of this picture? to create a figure in a camouflaged environment.
 I believe the students attention is more involved whan they work on a smaller scale, to complete the image in one day, rather than the original 3 day plan.
Teacher Reflections:
 working with pattern over a series of weeks has reinforced student's awareness of patterns in their environment. The kids have the tool of pattern as design well developed and ready to apply to any composition.

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