Lesson Plan : Color my Appetite

Teacher Name:
 Pauline P. Ballesteros
 Arts and Crafts

 Primary and Secondary Colors
 The children will be familiarized with Primary Colors (red, blue and yellow) and Secondary Colors (violet, green and orange). At the end of the activity, the children will be able to name the different colors that they encounter in their everyday lives.
 1. To familiarize the children with primary colors (red, blue and yellow). 2. To show how secondary colors can be created just by mixing two primary colors. 3. To perform effectiveness in teaching how to create secondary colors. 4. To promote proper etiquette by teaching the students that they must never play with their food. 5. To promote health care by teaching the students that they must wash their hands before and after they eat.
 - bread sticks - ready-made icing - food coloring (red, blue and yellow) - 6 containers - plastic spoons
 Red, blue and yellow are what we call PRIMARY COLORS. When two of them are mixed together, a different color will be created. Red mixed with blue will become violet, blue mixed with yellow will become green, and red mixed with yellow will become orange. These new colors are what we call SECONDARY COLORS.
 The primary colors: red, blue and yellow will be introduced to the children. They will be informed that secondary colors: violet, green and orange can be made out of two primary colors mixed together.
 1. The students will be introduced with the three primary colors. 2. Three containers (A, B and C) with icing shall be added with food coloring of red, blue and yellow. The students will be assessed on what these colors are. 3. On a new container (D), red and blue icing shall be mixed. Violet color shall arise and be introduced to the children. 4. On container (E), mix blue and yellow icing to come up with the color green. 5. On container (F), mix yellow and red icing to come up with the color orange. 6. The students will be assessed on what primary colors and secondary colors are.
 Since food is the creative material used, the students shall be taught with: 1. proper hygiene - a good child must always wash his/her hands before and after eating 2. proper etiquette - a good child must never play with his/her food because food is a blessing from God, etc.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will be asked to: 1. recite what they have learned in the class activity. 2. recite how secondary colors are made. 3. select something inside the class and give its respective color. 4. share one of their favorite things (pillow, toy, etc.) and give its respective color.
 The teacher/s, together with the students, shall eat the bread sticks and colored icings for snack time. :)
Teacher Reflections:

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