Lesson Plan : Crown Making

Teacher Name:
 Monica Simmons
 Grade 2
 Arts and Crafts

 Crown Making
 This lesson is to help students learn about using geometric shapes, overlapping, repetition, and paper sculpture. These can be used in many ways. Each child must demonstrate each of these, but they must be able to identify each one to the teacher.
 The students will create at least 2 geometric shapes. The students will understand by performance, the skill of overlapping. The students will create repetition by using 2 or more of the same geometric shape. The students will demonstrate the ability to cut paper sculpture in the design of curls.
 6 tagboard pieces colored construction paper gold, shiny paper glue 6 scissors confetti or sequence pieces
 The students should have an understanding of repetition by showing more than two items in a row or a combination thereof. Paper sculpture can include many fun shapes and cutting techniques and the paper curl is a swirl cut out of paper. Materials:
 Introduction: Today, students, we are going to make crowns. Motivation: We are going to be making special crowns. They are going to have geometric shapes, curl designs, overlapping, and repetition. We also get to make them fashionable by decorating with shiny materials. Show the students the example of repetition, curling design, and overlapping. Show the example. Point out repetition. Point out overlapping. Point out geometric shapes. Point out curling designs. Give the students a scissors and a piece of paper. Cut the design along with the students. Help if necessary. Give each student a piece of tagboard. Explain that this will be the base of the crown. Give each student a stack of colored papers and tell them that the sequence pieces and glue are to be shared by the group. Give the students 20 minutes to work on this and help if necessary.
Checking For Understanding:
 Can anyone show me what geometric shapes are on their crown? How do you overlap shapes? Who can tell me how I would cut curling designs? What are some other geometric shapes I could have cut? Who can give me an example of repetition?
Teacher Reflections:

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