Lesson Plan : Color and Stamping

Teacher Name:
 Beverly Booker
 Grade 2
 Arts and Crafts

 Combining knowledge of color with introduction to rubber stamping
 Stamping Terms Color Wheel Types of stamps cardmaking
 The aim of this plan is to help the learner with color recognition. It will aid the learner in choosing color and color combination. It will help the learner to understand why, when, where, and how color is used. The learner will be given a chance to put their knowledge to use by using stamps and color to make a card.
 The student will be able to use a color wheel to show primary colors The student will be able to recoggnize the secondary colors on the color wheel The student will be able to combine primary colors to create secondary color The student will stamp a card using the colors on the color wheel
 Stamps,tempera paint,color wheels,cardstock,butcher paper,sponges,smocks(old shirts),
 By using stamps to create designed cards the student will learn about color in a creative way. While learning about color they will simultaneously learn a few basic stamping techniques.
 The teacher will first give the students a list of terms to study. The terms will be both color relsted and stamping related. Then the teacher will demonstrate how to use the stamps, how to apply the paint and how to fold the paper to make a card
 The teacher will give each studdent an 81/2 X 11 sheet of white card stock and show him/her how to fold it in half to form a card. The student will stamp a design on the card and write a greeting inside
 Individual questions will be answered to assure the student is learning. Teamwork will be encourage so students can benefit from peer to peer training.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will be given paint in the primary colors in separate containers and asked to mix them in 3additional containers to form secondary colors
 Students may may make more than one attempt and choose best. The card are collected and displayed in gallery (bulletin board)
 Have each student check his card for colors on wheel and identify them. Questions: Is this a primary or secondary color? Why? Why not? Nme object in classroom that have primary colors; seconday colors.
Teacher Reflections:

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