Lesson Plan : Aboriginal Art

Teacher Name:
 Lynda Watts
 Grade 2
 Arts and Crafts

 Culture Awareness Week
 Student will discover the different cultures within their classroom, discuss these cultures and combine their discussions with outside demonstrations and class art activities.
 To discover the differences. Accept and understand the differences. Through art learn the cultures.
 Students will watch and discover different cultures. Students will accept and understand these cultures through demonstrations and art. Student will understand that everyone is different but equal.
 Art paper, paints, aprons.
 1 week is set aside for cultural awareness in our classroom, during this week students will learn different cultures and understanding through demonstrations and art activities.
 Students will learn that everyone is different in some way but equal within our classroom, they will discover that there are many different things that each persons does differently at home and in their culture.
 Students will see demonstrations of the different cultures, they will discuss each culture and the ways in which they differ. Students will do an art work from what they have learnt in the days demonstration and discussion.
 Student will be given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each days session and take notes whilst the demonstration is takeing place.
Checking For Understanding:
 Through the students short stories and drawings, through discussion and question time.
 Through this Culture awareness week students will learn that although there are different cultures and the way these cultures differ, acceptance and understanding is the aim of this activity.
 Did the students understand the different cultures?. Through Art did they demonstrate an understanding of the cultures.
Teacher Reflections:

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