Lesson Plan : Illustrating Max

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Ellison
 Arts and Crafts

 Maurice Sedack
 art careers, illustrator, proportion,1/2
  Students will see how to illustrate a character thru close observation and paper folds that act like a grid.
 Students will: review meaning of the art career of an illustrator. compare and contrast Maurice Sendak's book Where the Wild Things Are by observing Max's imagination as he uses it in a negative way(acting like a monster by chasing the dog with a fork) and the postive way of transforming his room to his make believe island. Students will draw Max by using the folds of their paper for reference.
 Student:12" x 18" manila paper, chalk, pencil, black marker, circle template(lid) Teacher: Max puppet, PowerPoint of Maurice Sendak and the book Where the Wild Things Are
 Students will identify the first slide of the PowerPoint of th Wild Things and a photo of Maurice Sendak.
 Go through the PowerPoint of Maurice Sendak and his story with preliminary sketches for his book Where the Wild Things Are. Compare and contrast line drawings with finished published ones. Compare and contrast bedroom to jungle scenes in book.
 1.Have students fold the 12" x 18" manila paper in 1/2 and in 1/2 again. Show how the four rectangles will be used for the head, body, legs, and the word "Max" 2. Have students use circle for the head-place touching top fold. 3. Using puppet and folds for reference, direct draw costume's ears, body, legs. checking for understanding.
 Some students need more assistance and some need only to watch and work independently. Time spent on directions will depend on class. Assign peer tutors for less capable.
Checking For Understanding:
 Monitor students through each of the steps, summarize when needed. Ask students to summarize
 Explain that next time the students will make the wild things.
 Teachers observations, checked understanding through product
Teacher Reflections:

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