Lesson Plan Title : Creating Tearing Pictures

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Early Elementary)

Overview and Purpose: This lesson is a good one to use in the beginning of the year when students are still learning how to use scissors. There is no way to mess this type of picture up and students can be very creative in the things they make.

Objective: The student will be able to re-create a picture using paper torn into pieces and glued on a bigger piece of paper.


11x8 or 11x17 pieces of paper

Various sizes of different colored construction paper


Children's books with simple pictures


Ask students to look through the books until they find a picture they like. Explain that they are going to re-create the picture by tearing paper into similar shapes and gluing them on a piece of paper. Demonstrate what you want them to do and brainstorm with them what they can do when they tear a piece of paper too small or into the wrong shape.

After they have finished their pictures, invite the students to share them with the rest of the class. They can explain what is happening in the picture and which book they were working from.

Wrap Up:

An extension of this lesson would be to allow students to create a unique picture and then write a few sentences about it. Older students will also appreciate this lesson and can practice layering or abstract art with it.