Lesson Plan : Make a Ladybug

Teacher Name:
 Emily Perry
 Arts and Crafts

 Subject matter: How do they move? what do they eat? Where do they sleep? Vocabulary: Ladybug Wings Spots Aephids
 The student will be able to use fine motor skills to make a ladybug. The student will be able to retell the story
 Controls small muscles in hands Uses tools for writing and drawing Uses emerging reading skills to make meaning from print Demonstrates understanding of print concepts
 Book: "The Grouchy Ladybug" By: Eric Carle Glue Scissors Brads Paperplates Crayons Black spots Head Smartboard
 There would be various pictures of ladybugs on the smartboard. I would ask the class what they saw on the smartboard. I would record their responses on the board.
 Then I would let the children know what they saw is a ladybug. I would ask them if they have ever seen a ladybug before and record those answers as well. Next I would have them turn their attention to the smartboard again to hear and see the story of "The Grouchy Ladybug". The hardback book would be out and available to the children.
 Children would have the opportunity to complete computer games that deal with ladybugs. ( would emphasize colors and shapes)
 The children would have more time if needed to complete the project. The children would have more assistance from the teacher. If the child did not or could not work with paper plates or cut, then they would be able to make it out of play-doh.
Checking For Understanding:
 My assistant and I would talk to each child after they have completed their ladybug. We would have one on one time with each child. We would be looking for any information they could tell about ladybugs, or any part of the story. All answers would be recorded.
 As a class, we would decide were we would like to fly away to. Once we have decided, we would pretend to be ladybugs to fly away to our new homes.
 One on One assessment Observation/Anecdotal Notes Group Discussions
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson went a little bit longer than planned. Yet, I realized when we workd on the ladybugs a little each day, the children were more focused on the activity.

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