Lesson Plan : Learning To Color In First Grade

Teacher Name:
 Grade 1
 Arts and Crafts

 color in the community
 primary and secondary color
 In this lesson students explore how color contribute to their community by creating color wheels of primary and secondary colors to identify their community; etc etc brief description of the lesson; students will utilize given color schemes to study and produce paintings and color etc that show a variety of colors and understanding of the names.
 students will create color wheels research a variety of community buildings and art work convey elements of color such as primary and secondary critique their own projects; small and large participate in a variety of group art independent creative building activities
 water color paints brushes papers pencils rulers Resources wood blocks sandpaper
 Begin by preparing; a short color story. etc etc. Pre-activities; get them interested; periphials. show examples of students work from years past; let students explore color with me;
 procedure; Briefly explain the subject of aesthetics suing posters of color prepared for previous discussions; Review areas of; introduce the concept of colors. INtroduce the concept of color experience as distinguished from practical experience. GIve homework assignments; etc etc
 students will work in groups of 3 or 4 when researching the color elements; Tables will be arranged; ..; students who need extra help are ....
 multiple intelligences; accommodate students;
Checking For Understanding:
 assessment is ongoing as students practice and journal work on evaluating color and emotion in an artist painting; erc etc;
 create a class-book have students gather on a rug, then discuss and create a color story. etc.
Teacher Reflections:

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