Lesson Plan : Mother's Day Card

Teacher Name:
 Miss Owens
 Grade 1
 Arts and Crafts

 Sequencing and following multi-step directions.
 Fine motor skills; Gross motor skills; following directions; vocabulary; language arts; American Sign Language
 The student will follow multi-step directions and sequence the steps in arts and craft activity during lesson.
 The student will follow multi-step directions while producing a Mother's Day Card. The students will use their fine motor skills to trace, cut, glue, and write on their card. Sequencing is another area that the students will focus on.
 construction paper; pencils; scissors; glue; heart tracer; markers
 Introduce the activity by discussing Mother's Day. Introduce American Sign Language and discuss the many ways that people communicate.
 Show the students an example of the Mother's day card (with the heart shape glued on the front with the cut-out of a hand glued on the heart). The therapist/teacher will discuss the steps in making a card and allow the students to sequence these steps.
 We will review the sequence of steps needed to make the Mother's Day card. With the help of the teacher/therapist, the students will begin to trace the necessary shapes and cut them out to glue them on to another sample card. As a group we will write a sample message in the card.
 Allow students to work in small groups; provide big grip pencils/markers.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher/Therapist will facilitate questions about the steps that they took to make the card and ask questions about the purpose of the card.
 Discuss the many ways that we are able to thank our mothers. Also talk about the many reasons that our Mothers are so wonderful.
 Checklist of the steps needed to create card.
Teacher Reflections:

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