Lesson Plan : Learning about leaves

Teacher Name:
 Shenad Peshlakai
 Arts and Crafts

 Learning about leaves and making crafts.
 In this lesson, you will take the students on a trip outside to collect different kinds of leaves. Then, you will return to the classroom and do their art project.
 1. About different leaves 2. To identify leaves 3. To color over the leaves carefully 4. children will use fine motor skills to color and crunch tissue paper 5. children will read the sentences orally and be able to retell it to their mothers
 1. students will be able to tell the difference of all sort of leaves. 2. students will distinguish the colors of leaves. 3. students will know the background about fall and why leaves turn certain colors. 4. to create a Mothers Day gift that they are able to read aloud
 1. Different leaves 2. Chart with pictures of leaves and the kinds of leaves they are plain paper such as copy paper so children can use it over their leaves and under their leaves. 3. Crayons 4. Folder for their leaves I'll Love You Forever-Robert Munch -chart paper with mothers Day letter written on it -crayons -glue -pink, purple & red tissue paper cut into squares
 First, you will need a chart that has pictures of different leaves and names under the picture. You can talk to the children about the different kinds of leaves. After that, you can go outside and collect different kinds of leaves. Then, you will return to the classroom and have the children sit at their tables. After that, you will pass out two to three sheets of paper to each child. Then, the children need their crayons to use for the project. Each child will put two or three different leaves between two sheets of paper. The second sheet is needed to protect the table. After that, they will take their crayons and carefully color over the top paper so that the leaf patterns will show up. Finally, you can label the leaves so they will know the different kinds. Then, you can have them put the pictures in their folders.
 -Read chart paper with Mothers Day letter written on it aloud with the class one or two times -Show children the before and after of the worksheet -Provide detailed step by step instructions as to how to complete the the craft
 -students work in groups of 6 at conference table for teacher support -students colour and write their name, then complete tissue decorating one section at a time i.e. icing, then candle (teacher applies glue)
 -scaffold activity -modeled instruction -small group with teacher support
Checking For Understanding:
 Students must read the letter to the teacher before leaving conference table.
Teacher Reflections:

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