Lesson Plan : TIC TAC TOE GAME

Teacher Name:
 Judith Bejarano Jarvio

 DESCRIPTION: This lesson plan is a game that helps to reinforce and encourage positive reinforcement among peers. This game is based off the game of Tic Tac Toe, but implements insects into it. In order for students to put their ladybugs or flower on the chart,
  game , insect, ladybug and flower
 This is a fun game to help students learn both the importance of positive reinforcement among peers, and is a fun way to reinforce some skills GOAL: Students will understand their game lesson.
  OBJECTIVE: The students will reinforce thinking skills by playing and correct answers . Students will positively reinforce their peers by saying at least one positive comment to at least two different students.
 MATERIALS: •wallchart game tic tac toe, markers. flower and ladybug stickers list.
  1.-Divide class into two groups. 2.paste a tic tac toe game on the board.
  Write a flowers on the right side of the board, and a ladybugs on the left side of the board as each groups logo.Have one student from each group approach the board.
 Teacher calls out a question having to do with the lesson. Students say the correct answer as quickly as possible. The teacher asks the class who is correct and why. The first student with the first correct answer says their group logo on the tic tac toe grid.
 During the game, the teacher will put a tally mark by students name for each positive comment.
Checking For Understanding:
 During the game students are told the real winning team is the one who gave the most positive reinforcement.
 End with a discussion on the importance of positive speech between peers.
 Teacher will refer to the class list for evaluation of positive reinforcement.
Teacher Reflections:

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