Lesson Plan : Coloring My Name

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 Jill Stephen
 Arts and Crafts

 Color Identification and control of crayon.
 The students will demonstrate evidence of color identification and control of crayon use by filling in and decorating specific spaces. The most successful students should be able to produce neatly colored shapes, use diverse patterns and will have stayed within the perimeters of the shapes.
 TSW review/learn color identification. TSW use crayons with control to fill in letter spaces. TSW demonstrate use of control by staying within the boundries set for each color. TSW learn the difference between neat and messy coloring via visual example. TSW fill remaining letters with colors of their choice.
 9" x 24" white paper with each student's first name drawn on it in balloon form. Teacher generated examples. Using the teacher's last name provides the opportunity to learn the teacher's name and the teacher in turn becomes acquainted with the students' names.
 This the first art project so we will get to know each other by our names.
 1. First I tell them my name, Ms. Stephen, and then show them a visual example of my name colored as their own will be. 2. Before we begin today's project we will look at some good and some messy ways to color: Use a blob shape to demonstrate coloring sloppy/messy, with holes and outside the lines. Then use a star shape to demonstrate coloring neatly so students can easily describe/discuss and identify bad verses good coloring. 3. The papers with the students' pre-drawn names are passed out and they are asked to wait for instructions for coloring. We are going to color the first letter together and we will all use the same color red. They are asked to find a red crayon and hold it up to check if correct. They are asked to use their pointing finger to point at the first letter in their name. They are then told to color that letter red. When done we move to another color in the same manner as the red. The students are directed to complete the remaining letters in their choice of colors.
 Monitor students with questions and answers and relate: Holes in coloring: What do you have to do to fix them? Going outside the lines: Going too fast like on their bike? Slow down to avoid a coloring accident!
 Students who may be struggling will need direction for the color of every letter or may be encouraged to add designs on the letters.
Checking For Understanding:
 Is the assigned color being used? Is there evidence of crayon control? When given a choice of colors, how are they using that?
 Students who are not done will be given time to finsh and when done they may take them home.
 Check for neatness, ability to follow directions and use of own good ideas.
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