Lesson Plan : Printmaker

Teacher Name:
 Katharyn Greene
 Grade 1
 Arts and Crafts

 Making copies as an art form
 Printmaking skills: etching a printing plate and making multiple copies of one art Vocabulary: barren, brayer, mirror image
 Students will understand how copies are made and and why we need copies. They will also develop a basic understanding of how to create a printing plate and the equiptment used by artist to make copies.
 TLWD organization of making copies by using correct sequence of steps to create multiple copies. TLWD application of art tools and materials by identifying and using printmaking tools correctly to create multiple copies.
 brayers, barrens, styrofoam printing plate, pencils, sketchbook, newsprint, ink, newspaper, sponges, variety of colored printing paper
 Why do we make copies of things? What do we use to help us make copies?
 Display an art print and discuss that some artist like to make copies of their art so that more people can have art and can afford to have original art. Today we will look at examples of copies made by artist and discuss how they made them. We will also learn how to etch a printing plate and make our own copies just like an artist. Teacher will model how to plan an idea and transfer idea to printing plate. Next the teacher will model how to ink the plate and make a copy.
 Students will plan in their sketchbook ideas for a print. Next students will select the best idea and transfer it to a printing plate by attaching the sketch on top of the plate and tracing over sketch with pencil. Finally students will create a practice print to check one drawing and having opportunity to use tools correctly and in the right order to complete a print.
 Students who catch on quickly will make2or three prints experimenting with different colored paper and ink.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be monitored by teacher during process. Each week students will review how to create a print and to actually print. Students will turn in one copy to instructor.
 why do artists make copies? Students will share with classmate one reason artist make copies.
 Students will successfully create a printing plate and make at least one copy using tools and equiptment correctly. They will be able to explain steps and tools ueds in each step. Theya will be able to give one reason we make copies and what we use to make copies.
Teacher Reflections:

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