Lesson Plan : Cookie Jar

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 Ms. Natalie & Ms. Amber
 Arts and Crafts

 Letter C and Cookie Jar Theme.
 To practice following directions To practice using crayons and coloring skills To practice gluing skills To practice learning shapes and colors To practice learning songs To practice listening skills To practice learning communication skills with other children To practice math skills
 Math - by counting cookies and talking about shapes. Art - in the project they get to learn coloring and gluing skills Language - they will learn language skills as we go over colors, shapes and sing, while repeating them to me Library - we will be reading books, and the heading on the worksheet paper Music - they will learn a new song
 -Print out of a letter "C" and a cookie jar. - Brown construction paper (for the cookie "cut outs", enough small cookies for the children’s project (70), and at least 10 large cookies, or how high the children can count for the math project) - Black marker to make dots on cookies for chocolate chips - Crayons for the children to color the cookie jar. - Glue or glue sticks to glue the cookies on.
 During circle time I would begin by talking about "What are cookies?" "When do we eat cookies?" etc. Ask them questions about cookie jars and what we put in them. Then I will read a book and. After reading it, we will discuss the book and what we read. Then we will sing a song "Who Took The Cookies from The Cookie Jar." After the song we will go over a little math project. We will lay out the 10 large cookies and we will count them.
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