Lesson Plan : Autumn Finger-Painting Tree

Teacher Name:
 Megan Kehl
 Grade 1
 Arts and Crafts

 Finger Painting
 The children will perform given tasks with the use of the paint I supply them with. Key Vocabulary-Paint, Finger painting, Leaves, Tree trunk, and pencil sketching.
 1.Teach how to pencil sketch. 2.Teach how to apply paint to paper using fingers. 3.Learn the new techniques to create fun pictures. 4.Get started on final work.
 1.Have children understand the concepts of art. 2.Make sure they practice and show that they understand. 3.Learn how to use fine motor skills when using their fingers.
 1.Paint (red, orange,green,yellow,brown) 2.#2 pencil 3.Paper
 1.Who wants to get their fingers all messy? 2.Who likes to paint at home? Finger paint? 3.Who knows what colors we see outside?
 1.Introduce the use of a pencil correctly. 2.Lightly use the pencil to draw an outline that the kids can model off of. 3.Show how to place finger in paint, and press onto the paper in the designated places.
 1.Give each child a piece of paper to practice the finger printing. 2.Then demonstrate how to slide your finger to give the picture some emphasis. 3.Let them practice that.
 1.Some children do not like to get their fingers messy, so i will supply paint brushes. 2.Some find it some-what challenging, so they give up.
Checking For Understanding:
 1.Can anyone show me how to finger press? 2.Can anyone show me how to use their finger as a brush? 3.Who can tell me what the colors of the leaves are outside?
 1.You all did so good today! Beautiful! 2.Next time we will continue these projects, and i will teach you some more techniques.
 1.Some of the children give up to easily. 2.Some need more guidance.
Teacher Reflections:

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