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  • A Trip to Colonial America - As your quest begins throughout Colonial America, you will journey through the times of great unrest molding how America began.
  • Aboriginal Legends - Myths and legends exist in every culture. There are Greek legends, Egyptian legends, Roman legends, Japanese legends, and Aboriginal legends.
  • Aesop's Journey - You are traveling to Ancient Greece to investigate how Aesop began his career of writing fables.
  1. All Quiet on the Western Front Historical Contexts - It is imperative for everyone to understand the historical contexts of All Quiet on the Western Front (AQ). AQ is set during World War I (WWI); however, many students confuse the history of WWI with WWII.
  2. Art History - You will select three pieces of art, research the time period in which it was created, and think about what caused the artist to create the works of art.
  3. Advertising Art - You are to persuade the consumers to buy your product by instituting a unique form of art within your advertisement.
  4. Ancient Pantomimes - The problems and issues we deal with today may not be the same, but we can still use the power of non-verbal communication to share and solve them. Prepare to gather the tribe around the campfire and tell a story through narrative pantomime.
  5. Asian Webquest - For this next lesson, you will be learning about what life was like in Asia from about the 600's through the 1300's.
  6. A Trip To Remember - Your task is to use the Internet to find out more information about the country you are visiting.
  7. Branches of Government - This lesson will help students understand each branch of government and teach them what each branch does.
  8. Brazil's Carnival - In this webquest we will go on an adventure to Brazil for the annual celebration of Carnival. We will learn about the different ways the holiday is celebrated through song, dance and food.
  9. Causes of the Revolution - Create a story board of the causes of the revolution based on research done in class.
  10. Charting the Course - A World War II web quest.
  11. Christopher Columbus - Who is Christopher Columbus? Why did he want to explore new lands?
  12. Civil War - You are a journalist sent out into the Confederate and Union states to find out about certain aspects of the Civil War.
  13. Community Helpers - How many people can you think of that have jobs to help others?
  14. Cultural Etiquette - We are going to explore these different social etiquette through a web quest designed to give us information about different countries social culture.
  15. Culture Party - Thinking about foods from around the world, you will be assigned one country and research what those people eat, the music they listen to, what they wear, and so on. This will help build a picture of that culture.
  16. Current Event Time Machine - You and your group will make connections between events happening today and what events from the past that led to them.
  17. Dance - Today you will be learning of composition.
  18. Discovering the Incas - Your team is comprised of several experts (mathematician, historian, anthropologist, and archeologist). As you explore, you find an established and sophisticated civilization.
  19. E-Parenting - Using the curriculum and research articles, determine the best-practice for engaging parents in empathetic parenting and increasing positive attachment for social emotional development.
  20. Early Civilizations - Journey through time while exploring the rise and fall of Mesoamerican cultures over 3,000 years.
  21. Education in Athens - Your task is to investigate the education system in order to create a promotional brochure for a new Athenian school.
  22. Effigy Mounds - The people who made the mounds are called Mound Builders. Native Americans in Wisconsin built more mounds than anywhere else - between 15,000 and 20,000!
  23. Ephemeral Wetlands - You and your team are in charge of constructing an ephemeral wetland for your community. It is your duty to make sure that the communities wetlands are making a comeback.
  24. Ethnicity in America - How many major ethnic groups can you find in America as presented in the United States Census in 2000? Also research to find 4-5 accomplishments each of these ethnic groups contributed to America?
  25. Explore Alabama - What are the advantages and disadvantages of the location of a particular geographic land region?
  26. Exploring China - What are the customs in China and how do they compare to the customs in the United States of America?
  27. Facts about Wyoming - Your job is to use the links provided to explore the different symbols that represent Wyoming and learn how they were chosen. What symbols represent Wyoming? Why were they selected?
  28. Get Into Government - Your web quest will culminate with a �Town Hall Meeting� where each of you will play the role of the perfect candidate running for a specific government office. In a speech to the class, you will demonstrate how that government official�s powers and responsibilities can directly impact our lives by developing a platform and attempting to convince us to vote for you in the next election.
  29. Government Branches - It will be your task to do research on each of the branches and choose a job based on your research you would like to apply for.
  30. Great Depression - As a group, you will examine photos, film footage, read articles and look at documents to find out 1. what caused the depression, 2. what problems the depression caused for people, and 3. how the people and the government responded to the challenges of the Depression and 4.
  31. Heroes of United Flight 93 - Explain why the passengers of Flight 93 decided to fight back and the passengers on the other attack planes chose not to fight back.
  32. Holidays Across the Globe - For this Webquest you will be on a mission to find 5 different holidays in countries outside the United States.
  33. Humanist Salon - Why does most of the world's population think it's okay to eat a cow or a chicken for lunch, but not another human being?
  34. In Search of Poe - In what ways did Poe's life experiences affect his writing? In your quest, you will discover some things about Poe's childhood, his (short) adult life, and some of the kinds of stories and poems he wrote.
  35. Influential World Leaders - The task is to research four leaders of world history in order to determine which leader, in your opinion, was most important in shaping the history of this world.
  36. Internet Safety - The Internet opens the door to many options. There is a lot of information that is now only a click away to the user. However, not all information can be trusted to be accurate. There are things to look for to determine if the site is authentic and credible.
  37. Invest in Your Future - In this unit you will complete a presentation to the class convincing them to invest in your chosen stock.
  38. Japanese Arts Festival - You will be assembled into cooperative groups. You will investigate the art form using resources found in this WebQuest. As you investigate, you will complete an Information Sheet that you will use to develop your presentation.
  39. Latin America - Congratulations! You have been selected by Information Earth, Inc., a company that produces post cards designed to provide information about the geography of the earth.
  40. Legislative Process - We will be focusing on the introduction of legislation in the House and Senate. What is the process?
  41. Mexico - What are 3 sports that Mexican people love to play and/or honor more than the American people do?
  42. Life in Mesopotamia - The ancient land of Mesopotamia has been called the cradle of Western Civilization. Mesopotamians invented many ingenious tools, including the wheel, the plow and the calendar. They even developed a system of writing.
  43. Local and State Government - What do you know about the state in which you live or other states around you? This assignment will serve as a starter to help you know what is really going on with the processes of local, and state government.
  44. Long Live Revolution - What is the historical and cultural CONTEXT for In the Time of the Butterflies?
  45. My Life, My Money - Hands on Banking is an easy and enjoyable way to learn the essentials of financial education: the basics of bank services, the importance of saving, smart money management, using credit responsibly, investing, wealth building, and more.
  46. Native American Tribes - You are Anthropologists traveling Montana researching the Assiniboine and Sioux Indians. You will create a presentation detailing the attributes of the these Indians.
  47. Native Americans in Ohio - Your task is to research information about one of these tribes. You will then create a brochure giving the information that you find.

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