Labor Day Lesson Plans

Community Helpers Teaching Theme

  • Careers II - Help learners identify factors in their environments, heredity, culture and life-experiences that have/do influence their interests and life choices.
  • Careers in Agriculture - Identify the categories of agricultural careers. Identify at least three job titles in each category Compare focus of each career category.
  • Careers in Vet.& Animal Science - Career development and opportunities in the field of veterinary science.
  • Cover Letters - Student comprehends the basic format and content of a cover letter/structure of cover letters.
  • Culinary Skills - Students will apply what they have learned about serving the community, by designing and implementing healthy service-learning projects.
  • Future Job - Interview skills to have a good job in the future.
  • Help Wanted Ads - The learner will exhibit job-seeking skills necessary to secure employment in chosen career pathway.
  • Introducing Classroom Economy - Students will also determine necessary classroom jobs and attach daily or weekly salaries to those positions. Credits and debits will be introduced.
  • Job Interests - Students will be able to discuss ideas in their brainstorming group and think of ideas for their own end of the unit project.
  • Labor Organizers - How the US became and Industrial Nation Key People in this change towards industry from agriculture Rise of Big Business and Individual Wealth.
  • Our Jobs - As a class students will be able to discuss what classroom jobs they think should be added to the list then vote on them.
  • Postwar Troubles - Demobilization of the country Labor Strife and Struggles Introduction of Red Scare.
  • Scope and Importance of Retailing - A Student will learn the importance of retail business and how they can apply this in the future.
  • Summer Job Prep. Bicycle Repair - To test and grade student on there ability to build and maintain a bicycle and to work with others in a controlled work environment.
  • The Changing Role of Technology - Students should be able to identify and describe the effects of technology's changes in the way that we learn, live, work, and play or entertain.
  • The Price is Right! - To guide students' thinking in determining the price of their products. That students will gain an understanding of what a profit is and how to make a profit rather than loose money.
  • Where Things Come From - The lesson examines the origin of products and origin of materials using geography knowledge, face to face communication skills, communication skills using cell phones and Internet research skills.
  • Workers and Labor Unions - Students will be taught the development of Unions through Lecture and discussion that builds upon the previous days class on Big Business.