Lesson Plan : Job Interests

Teacher Name:
 Katie Williams
 Grade 3
 Social Studies

 What students want to learn about particular job interests?
 4S Brainstorming: Students will come into groups with others that share the same job interests as they do. Groups will be made according to interests that are present in the classroom. In this group they will discuss what they know about the job, what they want to learn about the job, and any other questions they may have about the job. The students will be given roles in the group such as supporter who will encourage all ideas, time keeper who will make sure everyone stays on task, recorder who will write down ideas on a piece of paper, and coach who will make sure everyone gives an idea for the team.
 Students will be about to model good citizenship. Students are expected to: (A) identify qualities of good citizens. Doing the greater good. (B) identify historic figures who have embodied these ideals. (C) recognize the importance of civic responsibility (D) Students will become aware that their actions affect others.
 Students will be able to discuss ideas in their brainstorming group and think of ideas for their own end of the unit project. This time will help them develop and explore any ideas or questions they may have about a particular job they are interested in.
 Paper, Pencil, Venn Diagram
 I will read the book Career Day to start of the day so the students can start forming ideas. I will then present the class with their assignment, which will be them thinking about what jobs interest them. I will have students raise their hands and tell me what kind of job they are interested in. I will write it down on the board and create catagories that will meet the interests in the room.
 I will then have the students get in groups according to particular interests. I do not want groups to exceed more than four people. I will break groups into four if there is a particular job many of the students are interested in.
 Students are given time in class to make a KWL of information they know about this job and things they want to learn about this certain job. This is when they can talk to each other about all the different fields and responsibilities that are associated with this job that they know of. This is a great time for sharing. I will walk around the room to make sure students understand the project and what is expected from them.
 Groups will be randomly put together so this will be great for all students to participate in and be able to get involved with the planning of their own unit.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will have students write down all their ideas so I can be reassured that they are fully understanding what they are suppose to be thinking about when they talk about these jobs.
 I will have students present a little of what they know about their jobs to the class in case other students become interested in a job they never thought about before. It will be a great to give the students time to share and realize what other jobs interest their fellow classmates.
 Students will be given evaluation sheets to evaluate each member in the group to make sure everyone did their role in the group. I will use these evaluation sheets to grade each student on their performance.
Teacher Reflections:
 All the students are included in this project. Groups are based primarily on interests, which will create a diverse environment for all the students.

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