Lesson Plan : Unit 6: Future job

Teacher Name:
 Vu Thi Yen Hue
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 Future jobs
 Interview skills to have a good job in the future
 Developing reading, speaking and writing skills
 - Knowledge objectives: Present: + The preperations for what might happen before, during and after the interview. + Possible challenges facing by interviewees + Suggested proposals to have a good interview result - Skill objectives: + Form reading skills based on contexts + Read and summarise main ideas + Be more confident and natural in communicating
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 - Ask students a question: what would you like to do in the future? then the students will answer them. - Teacher continues: no matter what you want to do, you need to apply and pass an interview. However, not all the interviewees are successful in the interview, one of the reasons is that they lack interview skills. That is our today lesson's content.
 1. Warm ups (10m) - Ask students to look at the pictures: teacher lets students look at some interview pictures - Ask students read some questions on the slides then discuss them in pair. - Collect students'opinions about the content of the lesson by asking them: how do you think the role of job interview? - Introduce lesson. 2. Before reading (5m) Writing and reading new words on the board. Then call 3 students to read aloud them in front of the class. 3. During reading (20m) Exercise 1. cicrling. - Teacher instructs students to do exercise: cicrle the words with the closest meaning with the following choices. - Teacher requires students to compare the answer with their next partner. - Teacher calls 2 studetns to give their answer and corrects them. Exercise 2. True or false? - Teacher instructs students to do the exercise 2 in the textbook. Then give the right answers through suggesting where to find information in the text. - Call 2 students answer and give their exlpanations 4. After reading (5m) - Teacher requires students to build up group of 5 and discuss questions. - Call students present results of group discussion - Remarks of teacher - Homework: + Write a application letter with concrete instruction from teacher
 - Teacher collect students' writing next class time
Checking For Understanding:
  Require students fill in the feedback by answering these following questions: - Lecture provide interviewee with useful advises Sugesstion/feedback: - Indicate main problems which interviewee may face and how to deal with. Sugesstion/feedback: - Lecture includes graphy and intensive factor what interests students. Sugesstion/feedback: - Voice of teacher is loud and clear enough and creats good impression on listeners Sugesstion/feedback:
 Teacher wishes students be well equiped for future job especially succeeding in entrance exam to university.
Teacher Reflections:

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