Lesson Plan : Help Wanted Ads

Teacher Name:
 Rosemary Vinal
 Grade 9-10
 Special Education

 Using the newspaper help wanted ads to search for a job.
 Students learn about classified ads, demonstrate creative thinking skills by brainstorming, write classified ads and work in cooperative groups. Keywords are newspaper, classified ad, job, and career
 The learner will exhibit job-seeking skills necessary to secure employment in chosen career pathway.
 When given the classifed section, the leaner will be able to read a list of common abbreviations. When given two classified ads, the learner will be able to answer questions about the two ads.
 help wanted ads from local paper, master list of classified abbreviations, abbreviations flash cards, overhead examples of abbreviations and sample want ads
  Bring in a copies of your local Sunday paper. Look it over with your class. Brainstorm with students the various parts of the paper. List on the board.
 Look at want ads in your paper. Notice that some are longer than others. At a minimum, the ad should tell the kind of job being offered, the experience needed, and a phone number to call. Usually, they also provide more details such as the name of the employer and whether the job is full or part time. Show two examples on overhead. Without explaining the meaning of each example, have students decipher their meaning. List on chart paper student responses and then clarify with explanation. Teach students that want ads use a lot of abbreviations. Show half the list of common abbreviations on overhead and give their meaning. Show the remainder of abbreviations on overhead. Have students pair up to discuss abbreviations and their possible meaning. Share their answers cooperatively. On overhead, place two more ads. See if the same groups can better comprehend the ad applying learned abbreviations from list. Discuss.
 In two people groups, have students find want ads in local paper. They must find want ads that interest them. Have students copy want ads onto 1/2 of a piece of paper. On second half of paper they must decipher the meaning by using unabbreviated terms.
 The entire lesson is adapted for students in special education, usually students who are mentally handicapped. Within this group of students there are usually two or three students that need further accommodations. Here's an example: Have 2 choices of classified ads glued to one sheet of lined paper. Students find abbreviations in classified ad and highlight. Have students define the highlighted words using abbreviations list next to the classified ad.
Checking For Understanding:
  Teacher should have prepared flash cards with classified abbreviations on one side and meaning on other. As a group, flash the students either side of card and have them predict the answer on the other .
 Reemphasize the importance of using the classified ads in trying to find a job. Highlight the information that each classified ad should include: kind of job being offered, the experience needed, phone number to call, name of the employer and whether the job is full or part time. Highlight some commonly used abbreviations and restate why abbreviations are used.
 Using the idea behind performance based assessment, have each student choose one ad in the paper. They will read the ad using their new terms for each abbreviation and answer the same 4 basic questions about each ad.
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