Lesson Plan : Careers in Vet.& Animal Science

Teacher Name:
 Willie Larrew
 Grade 11-12
 Vocational Ed.

 career development and opportunities in the field of veterinary science.
 Veterinary Medical Applications. Pharmaceutical laboratories, Drug companies, Government agencies involved in monitoring livestock health and the safety, Public health, or the quality of food and drugs, Colleges and universities, either in research labs or as instructors, Cloning and stem cell research, Agribusiness, Range livestock management , Animal science and husbandry, Wildlife conservation, Environmental safety, Veterinary medicine, Veterinarian technology, Animal biology, Zoology
 The students will be able recognize careers in the field of animal science and veterinary science.
 130.6 1(A)Identify career development in the field of animal science and veterinary science.
 Smart Board with PowerPoint and video on it, Paper Pens/pencils, and students
 I will have my bell work posted on the board with the following question. What kind of careers can you have in the field of animal science and veterinary science? After I have seen that the students have wrote this down in their folder I call on one of them and ask them the question on the board. Then I will call on another student and do the same and as a class we will come up with an answer to the question.
 modeling The class will view a video about the different types of careers development opportunties that are in the field of animal science and veterinary science. Explain: As the teacher, I will have them write down questions if they have any while viewing the video and will be allowed to ask at the. By doing this the students will be offerred a better expalaination of the topic. demonstration: PowerPoint of different developmental opportunitites in animal science and veterniary sciene.
 Then student will have a hand out with fill in the blanks on it. The student will be guided through with a PowerPoint with the answers to the fill in the blank on it. I will monitor the students as they fill in the blanks.
 The five ELL students will have their PowerPoint with some of the blanks filled in. I will also have key terms on the hand out in their native language. The special education students will have all their fill in the blanks filled in and will have half of their crossword puzzle done. I will make sure I read the slides more than three times, repeat answers, and give high order and low order questions answered by students throughout the lesson. I will give the student that is homeless materials if needed and will allow to start homework during class. If the student does not get finished I will allow them time to get finished next class. The gifted students will not have PowerPoint hand out. The gifted students will make their own crossword puzzle with key vocabulary. ADD students will get more time on the crossword puzzle if needed. ADD students will be allowed to stand during the video
Checking For Understanding:
 The crossword puzzle that is completed the following period will allow me to know if the students can explain the different careers in the field of animal science and veterinary science
 I will wrap it up by giving the crossword puzzle. After that I will ask the students what careers they would like in the field of animal science and veterinary science
 I discuss the careers of animal and veterinary science with the students. After that, I will be sure to ask all the students different question about the careers of animal and veterinary science. Then I will also have evaluation of the students progress with the grade on the crossword puzzle.
Teacher Reflections:
 When the lesson is completed, i will reflect on how i taught the lesson, how the students participated, how the students behaved and took the information, and i will decide if i want to change anything in the lesson or do something different.

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