Lesson Plan : Cover Letters

Teacher Name:
 Y. Urias
 Grade 11-12

 Student understands how to compose an effective cover letter Student comprehends the basic format and content of a cover letter/structure of cover letters Have the student write a cover letter Student will be able to define a the concept of a "cover letter" and its various uses
 Define the term "cover letter" and state its purpose Compose a cover letter List the basic format of a cover letter Explain what information a cover letter should contain
 Sample cover letters (teacher will provide)
 Regardless of whether or not you are going to college, most of the students will proceed to look for jobs during or after high school. Now I know that most will not want to get a job at McDonalds or some other fast food company, so I am going to show you how to build an effective resume, but most companies nowadays ask for a cover letter to go along with a resume. So we are going to learn how to create an effective cover letter, what the format should be and determine its uses other than for employment. (i.e. internship opportunities, part of curricullum vitae etc)
 Give a short (10 minutes perhaps) going over the structure of a cover letter and what it should contain, utilizing sample cover letters in a powerpoint presentation. Point out essential parts of the letter and what needs to be included. Also include in demonstration the differences in a hard copy and email versions.
 Form groups of 3-4 students. Give a packet of sample cover letters to group and have them discuss what is similar and what is different. Is one letter better than the other? Why or why not? Which one do they like? Ask them to put themselves in an employer's shoes. What would they look for and based on the cover letters, which one is more appealing? (no wrong or right answers) Teacher should walk around each group and see how the discussions are progressing.
 Cover letters should include: Why they are sending resume? Be specific. (Internship, employment, inquiry?) How did they hear of position or organization? Is it well written and targeted to appropriate person/people? Call attention to your education, motivation, and other relevent skills Make sure the letter reflects your personality, so they get a sense of who you are Provide information that was specifically asked for in job/internship advertisement, such as dates of availability Indicate how you will follow up
Checking For Understanding:
 Did student use correct format in letter? Did student include all necessary parts in letter Possible peer review of letters, and have them point out parts of letter
 Most students composed a correctly formated letter Student able to identify all necessary parts of a letter Students understands what a cover letter is
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