Lesson Plan : Scope and Importance of Retailing

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 Effective Technology and
 Grade 6
 Vocational Ed.

 Scope and Importance of Retailing
 I.SUBJECT MATTERS Topic: Lesson 85: Scope and Importance of Retailing Reference: Effective Technology and Home Economics by Rojo, Luz V., etal. Pp 262-263 Materials: Manila paper and textbook Values Interpretation: Cooperation- cooperate with their classmate.
 OBJECTIVES 1.To distinguish the meaning of retailing 2.to discuss the importance of retailing to the national economy 3.to identify the different types of retail business
 A Student will learn the importance of retail business. And how they can apply this in the future.
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  Retailing is very important to the national economy for the following reasons: 1.a big part of our personal income is spent for retail goods 2.it is a major source of employment 3.it is a link to the ultimate consumer 4.the level of retail sales indicates the consumers purchasing power, thus it becomes the basis for determining our economic status 5.It adds value to the product because it created use for the places, rime and property. 6.it counts for a major portion of marketing cists 7.Taxes from retail store add income to our national economy.
  A. Motivation Assembling letters into words (by group) Each group will be given jumbled letters and they will assemble it to form a word. B.Presentation The teacher will reveal to the student that the word they have assembled is the topic if the day C.Discussion Retailing is selling in small quantities to the ultimate consumer for personal or household consumption Retailer is the one who runs a retail store. A retail store or sari-sari store sells a variety of goods. This gives convenience to customers since the location is just within their vicinity.
 TYPES IF RETAIL BUSINESS It is easier to get employed or start a career in retailing that in any other field. This is due to the fact that there are many retail businesses from which a prospective retailer may choose. Businesses are range from the smallest to biggest, from the neighborhood sari-sari store to the gigantic supermarket. The following are suggested business enterprises: 1.automobile and truck dealer 2.Grocery stores 3.Building materials, hardware and form equipment 4.Gasoline service stations 5.Drugstores
Checking For Understanding:
  Why is running a sari-sari store interesting and convenient?
  In general, it is easier to get employed or start a career in retailing that in any other field because it doesn�t need big amount or capital to engage in retailing.
  Answer the following in a � sheet of paper 1.What is retailing? 2.give at least three (3) importance of retailing in the national economy 3.enumerate at least five( 5) suggested business enterprise
Teacher Reflections:
 After the discussion, the teacher was able to explain well the lesson on retailing.

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