Lesson Plan : Summer Job Prep. Bicycle Repair

Teacher Name:
 Patrick Murray
 Grade 9-10
 Vocational Ed.

 Bicycle Repair & Maintenance
 To prep. students for summer jobs at area bike shop. To learn basic bicycle assembly,maintenance & repair.Help with organizational skills and work area house keeping.
 To test and grade student on there ability to build and maintain a bicycle and to work with others in a controlled work environment.And to receive a certificate of Basic Bicycle Repair.
 Students will need some basic tools for this class also a text manual to be purchased by student. Some specialized tools will be supplied. Work stands and truing stands I will put the word out for donations.
 To prepare the student for a job in a working environment. To give them the tool to work with other and to let them know what is expected of them in that environment.
 Use of built and prototype bicycle also Bicycle representatives like GT Trek Giant Schwinn and possibly parts company's like RockShock Fox Shram and other with knowledge and desire for bicycle riding and building.
 Hands on, same as if you were in a work environment without the stress of not knowing exactly what your doing. To make sure they understand that what they learn is what someone has to ride, that it must be safe.
Checking For Understanding:
 There bike build, testing of text for proper terms. use of text in repair, asking for feedback to make sure they under stand why the repair worked or not.
 This is my passion, bicycles if I can help someone els be involved so be it. The economy isn't what it use to be every kid need a chance to work summers and this is a step to get a job.
Teacher Reflections:

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