Lesson Plan : Careers II

Teacher Name:
 Kesha Carey
 Grade 9-10
 Vocational Ed.

 Knowing Yourself: Interests and Aptitudes Knowing Yourself: Values and Goals character, culture, life experiences, personality trait, self-esteem, temperament, working with people, attitude, goal, materialistic, self-fulfilling prophecy, preconceived beliefs, social environment
 Help learners identify factors in their environments, heredity, culture and life-experiences that have/do influence their interests and life choices. Help learners understand/pinpoint their personal values, goals, attitudes, career choices, and personal lifestyle options, and how they are related.
 Describe how your environment, heredity, culture, and life experiences have influenced your interests and career goals. Define the personality components of character, temperament, ability, and interests. Set realistic short-term and long-term career goals. Recognize your positive and negative attitudes toward yourself, others, and work.
 Worksheets, LCD projector, laptop, computers for student work, construction paper, markers, glue/tape, popsicle sticks
 The students will create and present skits that focus on respect, integrity, empathy and citizenship. Presentations will consist of a negative issue and a solution that incorporates the skill given.
 I. Class discussions on each topic II. Streamline video that presents realistic scenarios for students to discuss. (15 minutes) III.Packet that accompanies the video
 Discussion: Describe a desirable and undesirable change that happened in your life when you were a child. How did you react? Describe a desirable or undesirable change that happened in your life in recent months. How did your react? Skit Each group will be given one of the four characteristics, and is expected to create and perform a skit.
 Extra time up to two days given to students due to IEP stipulations.
Checking For Understanding:
 Skits and Quiz
 Discussion about positive and negative attitudes toward self, others and work. How can we continue the positive (based on our past week studies), and how can we begin to change our negative attitudes?
 Skit Quizzes Vocabulary Test Cooperative Learning Exercise (Identifying Realistic and Unrealistic goals)
Teacher Reflections:

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