Alphabet Lesson Plans

Alphabet ABCs Teacher Resources Alphabet Recognition


  • A to Z Efficiency - The students will be able to name the letters of the alphabet when the letters are written or sounded out to them.
  • ABC - The ABC book is to help the students recognize that they can write sentences and also that they know more about there surroundings and how to use the Internet than what they thought of.
  1. ABCs of Safety- Safety behind each letter.
  2. A B Cs - Categorization of the alphabet and the objects that start with the letters of the alphabet, studied in class.
  3. Alphabet Art- Students will examine and practice forming letters of the alphabet using a variety of mediums.
  4. Alphabet and the ABCDs - Practice saying alphabet relating letters to objects relating sounds of letters to objects relating sounds of letters to seeing letters.
  5. Alphabet Battle- Students will get exposure to the placement of the letters of the alphabet in relation to all the other letters of the alphabet.
  6. Alphabet Lineup- The students will be able to put the letters of the alphabet in the correct order.
  7. Alphabet Match - The structure for this cooperative learning lesson will be two students working together.
  8. Alphabet Recognition - Children will learn to identify letters of the alphabet, especially letters in their own name.
  9. Alphabet Review Activities- A through review of each letter using multiple methods.
  10. Alphabet Words- Students will identify words that begin with certain letters of the alphabet.
  11. Alphabetical Autobiography- Students will be able to write vivid descriptions of events/places/people of importance. Students will be able to edit their own/others' work.
  12. Animal Alphabet: Kindergarten Zoo- Create a "Kindergarten Zoo" to display in the hall, or turn into a class alphabet book!
  13. Blank Board Fill-In- On the blackboard, create a of or more sets of the basic alphabetic keys in the shape of the keyboards, without the letters on them. Put the "keyboards" side by side.
  14. Draw and Write The Alphabet - Students will begin to understand connections between letters and words.
  15. Eating Ps - Students will be able to elaborate on existing knowledge of articulating /p/.
  16. Farm Animals and the Alphabet - Students will identify the names of animals that begin with particular letter sounds and draw pictures to represent these living creatures.
  17. Learning Letters and Sounds - Pupil practices matching similar pictures.
  18. Learning Letters of the Alphabet - Using the letter of the alphabet are steps towards learning to read.
  19. Learning Letters / Sounds - To teach the pupil the letters of the alphabet and to becoming automatic in alphabet sequencing.
  20. Letter Recognition and Writing - Understanding letter sounds helps young children with beginning reading and writing skills.
  21. Learning the Letter "G" Sound - This lesson will help students recognize and respond to the sound of the letter G.
  22. Letter A - Mastering the recognition and writing of the letter A.
  23. Letters Everywhere! - The student will identify and write each letter of the alphabet.
  24. Moving with ABC's - To introduce new ways to learn ABC's together as a class or at home activity.
  25. Remember Me ABC Game - Learning what lowercase letters of the alphabet looks like.
  26. Reviewing Letters of the Alphabet - TLW identify the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet from a checklist.
  27. The Alphabet and Letters - Interact with letters in a variety of settings to better understand the letter name-sound connection.
  28. Who Lives in the Sea? A class book- I assigned a letter of the alphabet to each student (some had to have two). I had known that I was going to study oceans and I am a big book collector.