Lesson Plan : Learning the Letter "G" Sound

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Teresa Knight
 Language Arts

 This lesson will help students recognize and respond to the sound of the letter G.
 Students create green, glittered G's on popsicle sticks.
 ): (7) Reading/letter sound relationships. The student uses letter-sound knowledge to decode written language. The student is expected to: (A) name and identify each letter of the alphabet (K-1); (B) understand that written words are composed of letters that represent sounds (K-1); and (C) learn and apply letter-sound correspondences of a set of consonant and vowels to begin to read (K-1).
 1. Students will be able to recognize the uppercase letter G. 2. Students will be able to recognize and respond to the sound of the letter G at the beginning of a word. 3. Students will be able to say the G sound.
 � alphabet chart � letter G�s that are pre-cut, one for each student � glue � green glitter � hand-wipes � popsicle sticks � sample of completed project The story Planting a Rainbow by Louis Ehlert
 I will introduce the letter Gg to students by pointing to it on the alphabet chart.
 I will express the G sound and recite words that begin with the letter G. I will emphasize the G sound while doing so.
 I will empahizie the G sound and ask studnets if they can think of other words that begin with the G sound. I will refer to the sample of what the students will be making (letter G covered in gree glitter). I will explain the directions and continue to emphasize the G sound (glue, green, glitter). I will pass out the materials(letter G's, glue, glitter, and popscile sticks).
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be given a worksheet that instucts them to "draw a line from the picture of the goat to the pictures whose name begin like goat." There are six pictures on the page that begin with the letter G. Each picture is worth 1 point.
Teacher Reflections:

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