Lesson Plan : A B C'S

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Freeman
 Language Arts

 Categorization, and classification of the alphabet.
 Categorization of the alphabet and the objects that start with the letters of the alphabet, studied in class.
 1. To introduce the alphabet to the students through the alphabet (coconut song. 2. To have the students be able to classify specific objects to the letter of the week. 3. To provide a portion of the lesson for family involvement.
 1. Students should be able to recite the alphabet. 2. Students shopuld be able to hold up their alphabet card when their letter is called in the alphabet(coconut song).
 1. CD player. 2. Alphabet(coconut song). 3. Alphabet cards. 4. Objects that start with the letters of the week.
 1. Beggin with a letter of the week, and have the students practice these letters. 2. Put the students into groups. 3. Give the students alphabet cards. 4. Play the alphabet coconut song, and have them lift their cards when it gets to their letter.
 1. Give the students pbject that they would know, that start with the letter they have.
 1. Have the students stay in their groups and tell you objects they think start with their letter. 2. Read books to them, about the A B C's.
 1. For students with sever learning dissabilities have them work on the cards and song with a special needs teacher. 2. For the hearing impaired have them pay attention to their group for the part where they lift their letter card up.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Can the student tell you some objects that start with their letter? 2. Can the students recite the A B C's? 3. Can the hold up their cards with out help, while playing the A B C(coconut song)? 4. Can the students categorize their letters to objects that start with those specific letters?
 1. Have students bring in objects that start with their letter. 2. Have the students bring in a drawn picture of the letter that starts their name.
 1. Are the students able to see an object and understand the letter it starts with? 2. Can the students categorize without help, which card goes up when it is called out in the song?
Teacher Reflections:

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